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Hi everyone, Dr Cris here.  I wanted to share with you why I became an Integrative Practitioner and what an Integrative Practitioner actually is.

In today’s society you can choose generally between a Doctor or a Naturopath or an alternate Health Practitioner.  An Integrative Practitioner bridges the gap, so we cover both.  In the traditional medicine sense when you see a GP or your local Doctor you are often prescribed medication that covers a particular condition in one body system.  An Integrative Practitioner will try and find the alternate that may be more natural, so we try and balance that with the more natural approach.  It’s often looking at the whole person rather than an individual system, and so I really resonate with that only because I’ve been on the other end of the table.

I have been a patient, I have been a patient of the normal medical system and of an Integrative Practitioner and I found a lot of help with that.  I found that it can be daunting, and that you don’t know where to turn, and you don’t want something that’s not going to work, and so having an Integrative Practitioner that has a medical background but also specialises in natural medicine is, I feel, a great balance between the two. We always do things that are evidence based and safe, so I love being an Integrative Practitioner.

I think that it is the way medicine is going and I think that it’s something that can help a whole range of people and medical conditions in general.  So that is why I became an Integrative Practitioner.


Dr Cris

Holistic Medical Doctor, Author ‘Healthy Habits, 52 Ways to Better Health

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