Hormone & Weight Reset Workshops

Why a hormone and weight workshop?

If you are like many of the patients I have helped over the years as a holistic doctor you are starting to think about your New Year’s resolutions. It is likely that improving your health in the New Year makes your resolution list. Getting your weight under control for the majority of women I speak with is normally a top 3 new year’s resolution.

We are all familiar with the New Year’s resolution story. There are several weeks (or days) of focused effort in the New Year followed by a gradual (or rapid) decline in effort, energy, and hope in the resolution set just several weeks earlier coming to fruition. It can be so frustrating!

As a holistic doctor I have coached thousands of women through the blues that accompany failed New Year’s Resolutions. My clinical experience has taught me that a women’s hormones provide the key for the best New Year’s waistline and health.

Who should attend?

If you are struggling with any, or all, of the following hormone related signs and symptoms the workshops will help you reset your hormones and body weight in 2016:

  • losing weight despite many previous attempts
  • no long-term success with diets
  • fluid retention
  • hormonal mood swings
  • disrupted menstrual cycles
  • ongoing fatigue
  • lack of energy
  • irritability
  • poor sleep
  • sugar and/or salt cravings
  • skin conditions (eg acne)

What will you learn?

You will leave the workshop with the information and tools needed to naturally reset your hormones and weight.

The New Year Hormone & Weight RESET Workshop addresses the 5 key principles required to reset your hormone health.

The 5 key principles we cover are:

  1. Understanding your hormones
  2. Your hormone profile
  3. The key causes of hormone imbalances in women
  4. How to balance your hormones
  5. How to live with balanced hormones

The Effect of Cortisol on Body Weight (sample of content covered at the workshops):

When are the workshops?

Dates for the next set of workshops haven’t been set, but we’d love to let you know as soon as we have finalised dates. Please use the form on the contact page to express you interest in upcoming workshops.

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