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Hi everyone, welcome to The Ask Doctor Cris Show.  This week I had a question about high sex drive and what causes it.  Now it’s much less common than low sex drive.  A lot of individuals experience low sex drive but high sex drive can be another thing that might be a symptom of high testosterone.  So high testosterone for both males and females can cause a high sex drive.  High testosterone might be a feature of being stressed, for some men it’s often their default symptom as well.  Some individuals have naturally a lot of testosterone both men and women so that can be causing an issue.  Sometimes it’s a normal level of testosterone but compared to your partner it might seem like a high level of libido rather or sex drive might be that disparity.  Often it’s not an issue but sometimes it can indicate high testosterone.  For women in particular it might indicate a condition called polycystic ovaries and that warrants further looking into for the other symptoms like hair growth and acne that can come from that, that high testosterone.  But great question, yes high testosterone can be a cause of high sex drive and yes it is something that happens but much less commonly than low libido or low sex drive.  So thanks for your question, if you have any other further questions please ask them below.

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