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Dr Cris here with The Ask Dr Cris Show. Today’s question is about Integrative Doctors and how does someone find an integrative Doctor? Being an Integrative Doctor is something which is a specialised field, there is Integrative Doctors all over the world.

In Australia we do have a couple of data bases the ACNEN Database as well as the Bio Balance database has a list of Integrative practitioners and you may be able to find someone in your local area that you can either see in person or do a Skype consult. Other countries have different databases for their own practitioners so as in America is an example of another data base as well. So certainly finding an Integrative practitioner is of benefit if you’re after a combination of the orthodox or standard approach mixed with the complementary holistic approach, and certainly something which I think is of value for a lot of people wanting that approach well. Thank you for your question, we are like hens teeth unfortunately but you can find us in all areas of Australia and certainly available, most of us by Skype or phone consult. Thank you and if you’ve got any other questions please jump over to the website and I will look forward to answering on The Ask Dr Cris Show.

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