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Hi, Dr Cris here with the Ask Dr Cris Show.  Today’s question comes from Meg and she wants to know ‘how do I strengthen my nails?’

Good question, people do complain a lot about nails that break off.  Do check your zinc levels. There are three key ingredients that will help strengthen nails.  One of them is zinc the other is silica and the other is vitamin C.  So there are three things that will help strengthen nails. A deficiency in zinc can easily be tested in a blood test and the best one really is plasma zinc and that will give us an indication of whether you are deficient. Silica is harder to test and so is Vitamin C. There should be those ingredients in our soil and in our food sources but our diets aren’t quite on a par often these days and the soil quality isn’t as great and often we are under a lot of stress which depletes us further. So do have a look at a supplement that contains all of those three components that I just mentioned vitamin C, zinc and silica and they should help boost the strength of your nails as well as of your hair.

So thanks for your question and if you have got any other questions please ask them below.  I hope that you are loving the Ask Dr Cris Show and if you would like to see more of the Ask Dr Cris Show please press subscribe.


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