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Part 4: Women’s Health Series – Testosterone

By July 18, 2018July 19th, 2018Womens Health Series


Hi Ladies, welcome to Part 4 of the Women Health Series. In keeping with the last part of the Women Health Series I thought I would discuss another important hormone which is testosterone.

Testosterone in particular, a lot of women have heard of it and think it’s a male hormone or don’t know really what it does. It’s still important for women, it’s much higher in men and of course it has a significant role in male fertility, in male wellbeing and male health in general. But for women we still need some testosterone, testosterone we believe helps to regulate our confidence levels, allows us to build muscle and of course is involves in things like sex drive and libido.

When we stress, when we are under high levels of cortisol or stress hormone our testosterone, levels can drop, when our oestrogen levels are really high, our testosterone levels can drop and then we can start to feel all those symptoms of low confidence, low libido, low muscle mass just feeling un-toned and a bit flabby when testosterone levels start to wane. Testosterone is an important hormone to keep and check and it’s important to have look into if you do have some blood testing done. If testosterone levels on the other hand is too high, it might indicate something called polycystic ovary syndrome which one in every ten of us have and that can elevate testosterone and cause things like hair growth, acne and oily skin in particular.

Do have your testosterone levels look into? Do have it checked from time to time to see if they are imbalanced. If you think that you have a testosterone deficiency there are ways that you can re-balance that and that can be done naturally or sparingly with medication because of the side effects and we generally reserve that for post-menopausal women but we can correct testosterone levels if we find the root cause if the issue where the imbalance lies.

So I hope that is helpful I hope that cleared up any questions around what is testosterone and it’s function and role in women and is it important to re-balance it as well. So look forward to hearing more questions you have around women’s health in this Women Health series by clicking on the link below and I’ll catch you next time in part 5 of the women’s health series


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