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Are you frustrated with not being able to shift that excess & annoying body weight?

Hi girls,

I trust this finds you well as we count down to the end of 2015!

If you are like many of the patients I have helped over the years as a holistic doctor you are starting to think about your new year’s resolutions, with improving your health making your list somewhere in the top 3.

One of the main resolutions I hear is the desire to lose body weight. We are all familiar with the story. There are several weeks (or days) of focussed effort in the new year followed by that decline in effort, energy, and hope in the resolution set just several weeks earlier coming to fruition. It can be so frustrating!

As a holistic doctor I have coached thousands of women through the blues that accompany failed New Year’s Resolutions. My clinical experience has taught me that there are several key principles and actions that deliver the best New Year’s waistline and health.

I have rolled these key principles and teachings into a half day intensive workshop known as the .

I’ll shortly be opening up registration for these workshops from my website.

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Stay tuned for further announcements about dates and locations for  the 20-16 New Year Hormone & Weight RESET Workshops, coming to a city near you (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, & Melbourne).

Dr Cris x

New Year Hormone and Weight Workshops