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I was interviewed on the Bond Appetit Podcast and during the episode I answered the following questions:

  1. How do I get fast food that is nutritious tasty and healthy but takes less than 15mins to prepare. 
  2. I know my locals and where to go in Brisbane but when interstate or overseas options are limited. I usually end up going to Coles or Woolies supermarkets they are usually open till late
  3. Temptation. Have the knowledge but not always the discipline
  4. Where can we get the healthiest meals while traveling.
  5. I want the low down on the quality of meat in Australia. Obviously certified organic ensures that your meat is free from chemicals. But what is the quality of non organic meat in Australia. Woolies talks about hormone free beef – does that guarantee anything. I have heard that most cattle in Australia are grass fed. There is also lots of words like free range etc – what does that actually mean?
  6. Getting enthusiastic and inspire about cooking
  7.  I love cooking but when I don’t think that I gave time it becomes annoying. Need simple, nutritious and minimum ingredients.
  8. Biggest challenge is finding yummy low fibre snack type food recipes (e.g. no nuts, no seeds) as recommended by dietician… it is a struggle, even Mr Google does not understand and gives high fibre options. if you can help with this, it will be such a blessing.
  9. How to stop the habit of mindless eating late evening especially when you are tired but just want to do ‘one more thing’ on the computer? 
  10. I’ve been working from 8.30pm till 3am for the last 7 months to match international client’s times and I’ve put on at least 5 kgs snacking on cashews, walnuts & other nonsense while trying to stay awake editing. I work 9am – 2pm during the day-no “mindless eating”…but hit midnight & it’s on for young and old lol
  11. My biggest challenge is how to make a clean meal quickly (6 minutes or less). Is throwing a bunch of ingredients into a vitamix going to give me what I need, or will it kill all the good stuff and mainly leave me with the fiber? More of a question than a challenge: What are the actual nutritional values and setbacks of non-organic fruits and veggies? Because preservatives are weight loss inhibitors, I wonder what else they do, and GMO products (most food on shelves) are a big question mark.


2:46 Welcome
4:00 How do I get fast food that is nutritious tasty and healthy but takes less than 15 mins to prepare.
6:45 Where do you get healthy meals when you are travelling.
17:15 Don’t rely on will power & discipline.
23:00 What does free range actually mean.
31:15 Genetically modified grain.
37:04 How to get enthusiastic and inspired about cooking.
42:53 Quick easy meals when you don’t have time.
46:48 Diverticular disease what you can eat to get low fibre
51:42 What can you eat when you are working whilst tired – mindless eating
55:59 Can a Vitamix kill off all the good stuff.
59:30 What is the difference with organic versus non-organic
62:00 Thank you


Dr Cris

Holistic Medical Doctor, Author ‘Healthy Habits, 52 Ways to Better Health

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