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I am 42 years old and came off the contraceptive pill several months ago and still haven’t got my period. Could I be going through early menopause and is there a way to test when my period will return?

When coming off the oral contraceptive pill it should take, on average, no more than several months to see a return to your usual menstrual cycle.

If it doesn’t it could mean an underlying hormonal issue such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which affects one in 10 women. This condition can cause irregular period cycles, acne, weight gain, and extra body hair growth.

The other condition to consider if your period still hasn’t returned is whether you are going through early menopause.

Although rare, occurring in around one in 100 women, it does happen and is defined by menopause that occurs before age 44.

A sudden drop in weight, as well as extreme stress on the body, can also cause a disruption to menstruation.

You can check hormones with a simple blood test which can be arranged by your GP. Keep in mind that this will give you a snapshot in time and won’t necessarily be able to predict when your period will return.

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