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Hi everyone welcome to The Ask Dr Cris show, I’m often asked what supplements are going to help to boost my energy levels. What can I take to feel better? Well often when people say I want to feel better, it’s they want to feel better, they want to feel more energetic, they want to feel more vital. The key I would to say to that is 95% of the time it’s lifestyle related but if a supplement helps you get on track and if it helps you stay motivated, if there’s a little bit of placebo in it and also some real effect I think it’s definitely worth it. Often times it’s a bit of B vitamin that people are a little bit deficient in so multi vitamin contains a bit of vitamin B’s might help. Sometimes it’s zinc deficiency, sometimes it’s things like magnesium might help or CoQ10 or even a probiotic. So it really depends on what’s causing your fatigue and what might be involved but if somethings going to help you it’s often the lifestyle factors. So address the five Ss of hormone imbalance that I speak about in another Ask Dr Cris Show that’s often key to getting you back on track to feeling well. Address that stress, address that adrenal fatigue which was another topic that we discussed and supplements yes they may help and yes they may get you back on track and get you motivated and I think it’s definitely worth trialling. Do speak to someone that knows a little bit about supplements so that they can give you advice about what you should take and what might interact with whatever you’re taking currently or not taking at the moment. So great questions that I often get asked about supplements, yes they can help. In the big picture do look at your lifestyle factors as well.

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