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Hi everyone, welcome to The Ask Dr Cris show. David asked me about air conditioning recently. Is it bad to have it on all the time? I live in Queensland and I say definitely not because sometimes it is intolerable.

Airconditioning and recycled air can cause issues for individuals working in a communal environment that means that the bugs are going to get recirculated. Make sure you are getting fresh air throughout the day, get some Vitamin D and see some sunshine. Is the air quality actually poor with the air conditioning – no – often the air filters aren’t changed and that is that mould and a lot of individuals are allergic to black mould in particular.  That is where you see the black spots on the air conditioning filter. Make sure the airconditioning filters are getting changed and this should be done once every 6 months or ideally once every 3 months to make sure that that is happening. If you are smelling that sort of smell in the car or in an air conditioner office make sure it is changed. Airconditioning is not a bad thing. It can help sleep quality 18 to 22 degrees is the ideal temperature for a really good night’s sleep. So sometimes you have to use airconditioning for that purpose. Most of us don’t like to have the air conditioning on, one because of the cost but two because of that cold air, air conditioning feeling, but it can be helpful and it is not harmful particularly for our health. Do make sure you are getting fresh air. It does help to have that fresh air and that sun expose throughout the day to reset that body clock which I speak a lot about on other forums but do make sure those filters are changed.

Great question David, thank you so much and if you have any other questions please ask them below.

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