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Dr Cris here with The Ask Dr Cris Show.   Today’s question comes from Aaron he wants to know are super foods really that super?  Awesome question!  Remember that super foods have not been in our diet all that long and our diet and our health really hasn’t improved because of them.   They have been great and they have been topical and you know I think they probably make one percent of difference to your overall health.   There are some great properties in purple carrots, and acai berry and chia seeds.  There are great health properties in those and they will make some difference to your health but not a great deal, the majority of your health will benefit from all the other things that you should be doing, the not drinking too much alcohol, you know not drinking too much caffeine, getting enough sleep, getting enough water, fruit and vegetables, lean meats, enough to eat throughout the day so that you are not starving yourself and eating at the end of the day.  All those habits as outlined in my book “Healthy Habits 52 Ways to Better Health” all of those things will make the biggest difference rather than supplementing a poor lifestyle and a poor diet with super food which is what I find a lot of people do.   Thanks so much for your question Aaron and I look forward to answering more of your questions, please ask them below.   I hope you are loving The Ask Dr Cris Show if you would like to see more of The Ask Dr Cris Show please press subscribe.


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