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Dr Cris here with ‘The Ask Dr Cris Show’. Today’s question comes from Max and he wants to know ‘how do I fix my snoring?’

Great question, snoring can be a big problem, not only because it is annoying for everyone else in the house but because it can lead to problems such as sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea is where you’re stopping to breath in the middle of the night and you wake up or you have micro awakenings in the middle of the night, sometimes up to a couple of a hundred times a night, with your body trying to wake you or arouse you to get oxygen to your brain. This can cause problems with an enlarged heart, blood pressure, low testosterone, depression and weight gain so it is a big issue. It is something that cannot be swept under the carpet. So how do you fix snoring and how do you particularly address the fact that there might be some sleep apnoea?

The number one thing, actually, is weight loss. Weight that is carried around the neck can compress the airway and that can cause some snoring issues. Number two, address allergies particularly dust mite allergies. A lot of individuals are dust mite allergic and the dust mites in the pillow are actually triggering off a blocked nose in the middle of the night which means you will end up mouth breathing and snoring as a result. Dust mite allergy can be reduced significantly by a few dust mite allergy strategies which we will talk about in another segment but also by using a steroid nose spray which your local Doctor will be able to prescribe. The next thing that will help snoring, in particular, is reducing your amount of alcohol as alcohol can worsen snoring. So do reduce the amount that you have at the end of the night. There are surgical techniques that help snoring and that involves a referral to an ear, nose and throat Surgeon but there are certainly other ways that can be modified just by those top three factors, losing weight, reducing caffeine and addressing allergies. So thank you very much for your question Max and if you have any further questions please leave them below.

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