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Hi everyone, Dr Chris here with The Ask Dr Chris show.  I had a question from Allison about supplementation – she has celiac, and previously I have covered the topic of supplements – should everyone take supplements and my answer to that was no.

Alison was taking it one step further and she wanted to know are supplements safe for her given that she has celiac which is obviously gluten allergy.  A lot of supplements do have gluten in them, you have to check the label they use it as a binder so you do have to check it contains no gluten, and if you are dairy intolerant contains no dairy.  So you do have to read labels it is the same with food products, supplements are still classed as a food in Australia so you have to be very careful as they are not tightly regulated.  Do have a look at that, and check their labels.   Thanks so much for your question, I look toward answering more questions below.

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