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Part 8: Women’s Health Series – HRT

By August 16, 2018Womens Health Series


Hi Ladies, Dr Cris here with another part of the Women’s Health Series. Today I thought I would talk about HRT.  The good and the bad of HRT. Should you go on it or should you not go on it? What are the pros and what are the cons. So HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy for those going through menopause or in that perimenopausal period can be really helpful for a lot of women.

Women can experience significant menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, irritability, mood changes, weight gain, feeling foggy in the head, joint pains and they just feel like this are debilitating and impacting on their quality of life. For those women who have tried some lifestyle changes and there are some lifestyle things that can help with menopause symptoms.  Things like reduction of alcohol, sugar, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, getting enough sun exposure, those things can help to moderate some of those hormone symptoms, there are some natural herbs as well that can deal with that and we will talk about those in another part of the series around treating hormone symptoms naturally.

For some women they have to choose hormone replacement therapy. There are what we call more body Identical or more Bio Identical or bodied like hormone treatment, they generally come from wild yams so they are processed like the human body, they are packaged in the same way in the human body so the body treats that very similar if not the same as human hormones. A lot of us are preferring to use that style of hormone replacement therapy if we have to do hormone replacement therapy, that is the synthetic version, the version that you will be able to get in pill form often from a chemist that is prescribed, there are some downsides where feeling from that in terms of heart attack risk, cancer risk if you use it for long periods of time.

Though the jury is still out around the more bio identical or body natural hormone treatments to whether there are just as powerful or whether they are safer.  We think probably they are safer but it’s important to speak to a medical practitioner regarding that rather than prescribing hormone treatment yourself. There are some red flags for us for somebody that has had a diagnosis of cancer previously if somebody is in high risk category where we would …. in use of hormone treatment, but certainly for a lot of women it can be very helpful if they are experiencing debilitating symptoms of menopausal, perimenopausal that are impacting their quality of life. If you are experiencing those symptoms and you would like a little bit more information please feel free to ask me or ask your health professional particularly around hormone treatment and diagnosing on what particularly might be the issue or what might have done so if you got any questions please click on the link below and I look forward to see you on another part of the women health series

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