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Hi everyone and welcome to The Ask Dr Cris show.  The next question is a sensitive one it is about miscarriage.  What causes miscarriage? It is really common and we don’t think it is when it has happened, but often when we discuss it once it has happened, we realise a lot of women have gone through the same.  So 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage, which is quite alarming when you think of it. We don’t really know the reasons why.  We think sometimes it is infection, we think sometimes it might be because the mum is unwell with a fever but 99% of the time if it has happened before 12 weeks we think that it is a genetic reason, something has happened with bub that wasn’t viable with life so a miscarriage has happened.  How can you prevent a miscarriage from happening in the future? Depends on its cause and there may be no prevention if the cause is unknown like a generic reason. If you keep having miscarriages or you are afraid to even try falling pregnant for fear of a miscarriage it is worth speaking to your local doctor who will run some test such as thyroid tests, vitamin and mineral testing and other specific testing that may be able to rule out some simple and easily correctable factors that might be involved in a miscarriage.  Some women take something called progesterone during their pregnancy which may help prevent a miscarriage if low progesterone is your issue, and that is best to be discussed with your local doctor as well. So it is super common, it is devastating when it happens. Sometimes it can be prevented. A lot of the time it is just waiting and hopefully waiting for that next pregnancy to happen.  Do speak with your local doctor though and do have some simple tests and I do wish you all the best if this is something that is happening to you or someone that you love. Thank you for the question and if you have got any further questions please ask them below.


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