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Hi everyone welcome to The Ask Dr Cris Show. Candida – I often get asked can I have Candida. Obviously we have heard of Candida, it is thrush and it can come in all its different forms.

When people ask about Candida they are often asking to see if they can have it internally. They may have had a live blood analysis by a health practitioner and that has indicated Candida in the blood for instance. It is a little bit controversial as to whether it can spread across those different barriers. Individuals worry about it in terms of causing bloating and discomfort in their abdomen and causing urinary symptoms etc. I definitely say there are some indications for Candida I think it overgrows when we are having a lot of sugar, when we are really run down, when we are on different hormone treatments, or if we have had antibiotics recently or been on steroids. That can definitely be a feeder of Candida which is a fungus that lives in all of us and on us but can overgrow at certain times and can cause some symptoms like bloating, itching, irritability, so yes it is defiantly worth looking into. I think there is probably too much focus on it a lot of the time, often it can be corrected with taking a good quality pro biotic, reducing the amount of alcohol and sugar in our diet, and really look after ourselves in that perspective. Taking a probiotic after taking a course of antibiotics can really help as well. Yes it can exist, yes it is quite common, yes it can be corrected it is not life threatening, often it is self-limiting. Do have it looked into; there are different ways to detect it if your symptoms are ongoing that I have mentioned today. So great question about Candida, what can you do about it, does it exist, what causes it, those are the main causes.

I hope that I have answered that question. If you have any further questions about this topic or other topics I would love to hear them below.

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