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Hi everyone, Dr Cris here with the Ask Dr Cris Show. The next question is around HRT or hormone replacement therapy and does it cause breast cancer.

Really big topic and certainly one that is in the minds of a lot of menopausal women having to make the decision about whether they are going to choose hormonal replacement therapy or not. The classical research done around hormonal replacement therapy which is using a progesterone that is progestin which is an artificial progesterone does show that there is an increased risk of breast cancer in women particularly those with other risk factors like a family history and that it shouldn’t be used really for longer than five years so shortest period of time to allow symptoms to abate to get on with life and enjoy and then slowly ween off. There are some different options that are being suggested and certainly commercially available here in Australia very soon will be the natural progesterone available commercially through Pharmacies and that is showing to have a reduced risk of breast cancer.

You can choose something called bioidentical hormones which are considered to be a little bit more natural. Research is still needed in this area. I think research is probably still in the area of infancy when it comes to conventional HRT and deciding what the best option for you is. It is important to know the risks, know the benefits and weigh up what is best for you. Do, do your screen cheeks like your mammograms and ultrasounds and do make sure that you are looking at the situation with full perspective and getting the right advice from an informed Doctor so that you know what choice is best for you. Hormone replacement therapy, big decision for us all to make as we are all getting older and we are all finding that the transition to menopause for many of us isn’t smooth and so certainly something to discuss with your local Doctor.

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