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Hi everyone, Dr Cris here with The Ask Dr Cris Show.  Today’s question comes from Simone and she wants to know ‘how often should I see my Doctor?’

Great question, thanks Simone for asking it.  A lot of people don’t see Doctors regularly enough in my opinion, and maybe that’s biased, but I really feel that once a year is the absolute minimum.  I think that it’s important to keep on top of your health and be proactive.  So, once a year for an overall health check and that might be blood pressure, blood test, female health checks and male health checks as required, skin check as well, especially in Australia.  So, once a year as an absolute minimum.  If you’re having symptoms go sooner and don’t leave it until it’s too late.  So, once a year for everyone over the age of 18 is what’s recommended currently.  If you are over the age of 65, and you’re well, then once a year is enough, and if you’re not well, it may have to be more often.  Thank you for asking that question Simone.

If you have got any other questions please leave them below.  I hope that you are loving The Ask Dr Cris Show and if you would like to see more of The Ask Dr Cris Show please press subscribe.


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