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Part 9: Women’s Health Series – PMS

By August 23, 2018August 24th, 2018Womens Health Series


Hi Ladies Dr. Cris here with another part of the Womens Health Series, today I thought I would talk about PMS. What is it? What to do about it? For some women PMS or PMT: Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or Pre Menstrual Tension is a real issue. It’s that week before or 2 weeks before your period for some women where you become moody, irritable, frustrated, easily angered or easily irritated.  You feel like your mood is just low that you can’t seem to get motivated, like feel tired, bloated, fuel tension, you might feel that your period is coming but it’s just not there yet and you can’t wait to get it. So all of those symptoms can cause together to form a pre-menstrual tension syndrome or PMS.

That can be really debilitating for a lot of women and can be really worrying for some women. For some women, this might even border on dysphoric disorder which is a cluster of symptoms that can be so significant that you feel severely depressed and/or severely anxious. Some women become suicidal during that week or 2 weeks before their period which is obviously a very big problem.

If you feel your hormones maybe imbalanced and you’re not really sure what to do about it and you feel like you might have PMS then the best thing to do is to have it looked into. You can have a blood test the week before your period or a hormone saliva test which is often what I do to assess that further and that gives us some information around your hormone balance.

Some natural things that can really help are Vitamin B6, Evening Primrose Oil either as a capsule or as an oil which is much easier than a capsule. You can take that 2 weeks before your period and that can really help. Vitamin B6; at least a 100mg or activated Vitamin B6 which is called P5P can really be helpful as well for some women.

For some women you can look a little bit further and take things light if you’re not on the pill or you’re not already on the anti-depressant medication and for other women, other strategies are needed such as hormone therapy, they can be contraceptive pill or progesterone cream which we sometimes use as well, which is body identical progesterone cream or for some women they have to use anti depressants for about 2 weeks before their period to override the significant drop in happy hormones levels. So it’s important to look at PMS don’t just leave it, it can get worse, if we leave it and if it’s ongoing it’s important to address some up and down symptoms so they that they don’t need to be in depressing side. So if you have any questions feel free to ask it in the available spot below…..

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