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Hi everyone, welcome to The Ask Dr Cris Show. This question is about – how do I know if I have an over active Thyroid? There is often a lot of talk about an under active thyroid but how do you know if you have an over active thyroid – so the opposite way.

An overactive thyroid is one that makes you feel very hot and sweaty, you don’t tolerate the heat well, you start losing weight for no particular reason, you feel agitated, you will often have a little bit of a tremor or a shake. You might not sleep very well, either because you feel hot or agitated or because of that tremor. Generally people find that their appetite increases, they may develop what we call a goiter in the throat or they may not develop one in the thyroid region, they may find that their eyes stick out more or you may not have noticed that either. The best way to tell if you have an over active thyroid is to have a blood test. It can affect you anytime of your life. Generally people find it is during times of either stress or growth so you can say have it in say your early 20’s, pregnancy, following pregnancy or later on in life. It can be auto immune which means it can run in families and a blood test is the best way to tell, and a GP or your local family doctor will be able to tell you whether you have an overactive thyroid which can be associated with some complications like heart issues so it is defiantly something that you need to have looked in too.

So that is an over active thyroid and next we will discuss an under active thyroid.

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