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Hi everyone welcome to The Ask Dr Cris Show, I have often been asked about sleep studies and just this week I saw an individual and I referred them off to have a sleep study.

What is it? When do you need to have it? A sleep study involves investigating any sleep issues you may be having, whether it is disrupted sleep or apnoea where you are not breathing at night time. So, when should you defiantly go and have a sleep study? It is definitely warranted if you are a snorer, in particular if you partner or your spouse has noticed that you stop breathing throughout the night. So you wake up that apnoea and there is a long pause between breaths then you definitely need a sleep study as you may be suffering from something called sleep apnoea. If there is unexplained fatigue and you just don’t know why you are so tired, you seem to sleep okay, definitely warrants then having a sleep study.

Is it the quality of sleep that is disrupting? If you have gained a lot of weight and you think it might be disrupting your sleep, or you have gained a lot of weight and you are tired – warrants a sleep study – because your sleep maybe disrupted as well. Some individuals have a sleep study if their sleep is excessive or too long and they don’t know why it is so long. Sometimes a sleep study can help that and diagnose a different form of sleep condition as well. So sleep studies are important. They are done in a laboratory or at home, you are hooked up to an electrode, so it is a bit of a funny process but it is defiantly worthwhile. It is one night of being hooked up at a lab or at home and it might give us some real information about the quality of your sleep as well.  So it is defiantly warranted having it done. It is a great question from individuals that I have. Should I have a sleep study or should I not?

I hope that answers that question and I look forward to hearing any of your comments below.

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