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Dr Cris here with The Ask Dr Cris Show. Today’s question comes from someone wondering about genetically modified produce. It is a really topical question and is something I think we are tinkering in as we get through in the ages and in food production in particular. But genetic modification has been used for a long time but now scientists are starting to say that they can genetically modify foods to have some health benefits. Added health benefits that are unique to a particular genetically modified produce like a plum or a nut for instance. Whether I think this is a good idea or not, I think more research is probably needed. I wonder if you start tinkering with the genetic material of a product whether it starts to have different affects inside the body, so I think to be honest watch this space. I think that it’s promising but at the same time it does go against a little bit of nature so my suggestion would be to make sure there’s research behind it and maybe just stick to the good old fashioned fruit and veg the way they were meant to be until we have got more information about whether it’s safe to have genetically modified produce in our diet. Thanks everyone and I look forward to answering more question on The Ask Dr Cris Show please go along to my website and I look forward to answering them in the future. Hope that you’re loving The Ask Dr Cris Show, if you’d like to see more of The Ask Dr Cris Show please press subscribe.

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