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Episode 4: Ask Dr Cris Show – Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

By February 17, 2016March 16th, 2016The Ask Dr Cris Show


Hi everyone, Dr Cris here with the ask Dr Cris show, today my question come from Sarah and she asked why can’t I lose weight, even though I exercise, and eat well, why won’t the weight shift.

This is a really common question that I get asked in clinical practice, and one that many of you I’m sure can relate to and it’s very frustrating. I believe the number one cause for inability to lose weight is high stress levels, now that might sound strange and disjointed, but it is true. High-stress levels, high hormone cortisol, which is caused by high levels of elevated stress can cause weight gain and particularly around the middle. You find it difficult to lose weight, you will crave sugar, particularly in the afternoon and in the late evening and you will have a real hard time maintaining your energy levels as well. So, if you want one tip that I have to be able to help maintain your metabolism and your weight for the long-term is to reduce your stress levels.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing more of your questions – please write them below.


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