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Hi everyone, Dr Cris here bringing you The Ask Dr Cris Show.  This question comes from Tony.  He wants to know is coffee bad for me? And how much can I really have?

Really common question Tony, thank you for asking it.  Coffee is not evil, it’s not bad for you.  There are some studies to show that it reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes and stomach cancer.  So there are some benefits to coffee.  It improves performance up to 6%, so there are some benefits.  The problem comes if you are having too much.  I do have a patient who has 20 cups of coffee a day, and we’ve had to cull that down because he is suffering from fatigue which you would think is counterintuitive but unfortunately that’s what coffee can do long term.  How much can you have? Two hundred milligrams a day is what’s recommend which is equivalent to three, no more than three, cups of coffee or three to four cups of tea a day. So, that’s the recommended.  Don’t forget that green tea has caffeine in it as do some herbal teas as well so do check that, as well as caffeine energy drinks, and pre-workout that body builders use to build muscles.  So do look at your caffeine intake overall, but no coffee is not evil Tony, you can have it, but just in moderation.

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