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Hi everyone, Dr Cris here bringing you the Ask Dr Cris Show.  Today’s question comes from Sheree and she wants to know ‘how much alcohol can I have a day’?

Really a common question, as Australians we, I think, are the third or fourth largest consumer of alcohol worldwide so we have a lot of alcohol in our nation and alcoholic liver disease is quite a common problem.  How much can you have? It’s one standard drink a day, five days a week for women or two standard drinks a day, five days a week for men with two alcohol-free days a week for both men and women.  How much is a standard drink?  100ml of wine or champagne, one mid-strength beer or 30ml of spirits. That’s a standard drink.  So, half of that wine glass, not the full glass. I know that sounds mean but that’s what’s recommended for health and yes you can have anything like that in moderation.

I look forward to answering more of your questions.  Please leave them below.  I hope that you love the Ask Dr Cris Show and if you would like to see more of the Ask Dr Cris Show please press subscribe.


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