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Part 3: Women’s Health Series – Progesterone


Hi Ladies, welcome to part 3 of the Women Health Series, today I thought I would discuss Progesterone, what it is, what it does, it’s an amazing hormone but if you haven’t gone through menopause yet you should have enough progesterone hopefully to counterbalance your oestrogen and we talk about oestrogen dominance in particular, some of the signs and symptoms.

Progesterone allows us to be fertile, it allows us to have a healthy pregnancy that’s essentially what it’s used for. But it does have some other general benefits to improve our mood, it allows us to sleep, it helps us to feel well and helps us to glow. So progesterone is what makes us glow in pregnancy. So if you’ve not got enough progesterone generally you feel quite irritable, quite flat, your skin will look quite grey, you won’t really know what’s wrong, you won’t be able to sleep, you will feel like quite irritable.

So sometimes just addressing progesterone levels fixes a whole myriad of issues for a lot of women. If you’re going through peri-menopause, progesterone levels can start to wane. And the symptoms that I just mentioned can become very prominent in your day to day life all the time. If you’ve got something called polycystic ovary syndrome, progesterone levels can be quite low and you can feel quite irritable particularly if it’s months and months until you get your next period. You’ll feel an increased level of irritability, weight gain, fluid retention, not sleeping, anxious, and addressing that progesterone level can help.

It’s important to have that diagnosed and looked into and the way to do that is we do a blood test and saliva test a week before your next period is due.  If you can’t predict that, if you can’t we take a wild guess then we will try to calculate the best that we can and we look at your progesterone level and say okay what’s imbalanced here is it too high, is it too low, is it not high enough compared to your oestrogen levels and then we can re-balance that we can give you natural herbs for that or we can give you natural progesterone crème or tablets which maybe. There are lots of ways to deal with progesterone deficiency if you think that you might have it feel free to ask a question if you feel like you wanted some more information around that there is a hormone deficiency or imbalance questionnaire on my website that you can take on actually looking at progesterone deficiency if think you may have that. Now feel free to ask questions around that or see your natural health practitioner for more information for progesterone deficiency. It’s super important to address if you think that you have got progesterone deficiency. I look forward to see you in the next update of the women health series.

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