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Part 2: Women’s Health Series – Oestrogen Dominance


Hi Ladies, Dr. Cris here with Part 2 of my Women Health Series. Today I’ll discuss something called Oestrogen Dominance.

Oestrogen dominance is very common, it’s a common type of hormone imbalance and it has a particular side effect or symptom profile that women experience, so I thought that we would explain what it is and if you have not heard of Oestrogen dominance and you really don’t know what it is then listen up, this might really help you and might help you understand why you’ve been feeling the way you’ve been feeling.

If Oestrogen levels elevate and normally they should be in quite a good balance with progesterone depending on where we are in our cycle, but if Oestrogen levels start to elevate in respect to our progesterone levels as part of our menstrual cycle and obviously if you want to review that you can go back to Part 1 of this series and we can discuss that if you would like in the series to come, just feel free to ask questions below.

But if Oestrogen levels start to elevate the things that will elevate Oestrogen is if we gain a few kilos and it’s not normal for us to be in a certain body fat percentage so if our weight has increased, certainly after having kids and if you have too much sugar in your diets or have been particularly stressed and have lots of coffee, chronic fatigue or something called adrenal fatigue. Oestrogen issues can elevate or if you are going through peri-menopause or if you have got polycystic ovaries. Oestrogen levels can start to elevate in respect to progesterone. When Oestrogen levels start to elevate we can experience things like irritability, sore breast before our period, we can have heavy periods we can have thrush infections before our period, we might find that we have all these weird and wonderful symptoms and will go away once we get our period then it will come back in your next cycle.

So Oestrogen dominance is very very common, it’s very frustrating, I often find people say; why do I feel so bloated before my period or, why am I retaining so much fluid and often times it’s just that the Oestrogen is just a little bit too high. There are ways to address it and obviously we’ll look at that. Oestrogen dominance in particular the first things are; address your lifestyle so look at what you can change, don’t be overwhelmed by a thousand different things but what can I change? Can I reduce the sugar in my diet, can I reduce the caffeine, can I reduce the alcohol, do I need to cut out softdrink, do I need to do a bit more exercise, bit more walking, try to get the body moving to reduce some of that insulin resistant that we will talk about again in the coming weeks as well.

That will help to reduce that Oestrogen level down, obviously addressing stress to help reduce it but can be really hard to do I realise, getting enough sleep once again really hard to do for some of us and will help to reduce that Oestrogen down and there are some natural supplements that can really help as well which we can go into if people are interested and often times it’s best not to diagnose yourself, the best way to knock your Oestrogen dominance is to have a salivary hormone test and some women have blood tests as well. I use the combination of two and I find that helpful and then we go on to prescribe what we really need to prescribe to help women out with their Oestrogen dominance symptoms.

I hope that has been helpful, it explains a common cluster of symptoms that people experience that are very frustrating but quite easily fixed if you know what to do. If you got any questions please ask on the link below and I’ll look forward

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