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Part 1: Women’s Health Series – Hormone Imbalance

By June 27, 2018June 28th, 2018Womens Health Series


Hi Ladies Dr. Cris here with Part 1 of the Womens Health Series, today I thought I would look at how to recognise when you have an hormone imbalance.

There are some key signs and symptoms that you can either tick off in your mind or go to my website as I have a questionnaire there, about looking at hormone imbalance in general and how do you know if you have got an hormone imbalance, what are the key signals? Sometimes they are really subtle and sometimes they are obvious. I find that they generally are symptoms that will creep up on you to the point where you don’t know what’s normal anymore and what’s not normal for you.  That often is a sign that there is times that you need some help. So what are some of the signals that might indicate that you maybe having some hormone imbalance.

The first signal that I find people recognise is they are getting a little bit more irritable, a little bit more anxious, they might find they are feeling more anxious at work or on social circumstances and then anxiety transmits to other things like they have difficulty making up their mind about decisions, making up their mind about what to cook, or what to wear or what to say, so general anxiety starts to kick in. That can be a hormone signal particularly when you have weeks when you are really good and weeks that is not so good and if you link that to your cycle, if you do a mood diary around your period cycle you may find there is a connection with your period cycle. Anxiety and sometimes low mood and depression if it is hormonal will peak around that mid cycle so around ovulation and then that week before your period and can last a few days into period before it relieves. And then you have a week or 2 of reprieve with feeling pretty of energetic like yourself and then those feelings will start to creep back and you think oh no this feelings coming in and you know you try to figure out what it is and if there’s no wrong or reason to it socially or in your lifestyle it maybe be hormonal. So hormone moodiness or irritability, anxiety depression can be a sign or symptom.

The next is fatigue around your period particularly feeling just overwhelmed, tired can’t get out of bed.

The next one is sore breast that is something it get really really tender before the period or around ovulation, heavy period, irregular period or really really painful periods are all signs that is something hormonal going on. So obviously that’s for women who still having menstrual cycles.

Hormone imbalance for women that are approaching menopause might be more in the way of hot flushes, low libido, low energy, really feeling very very tired, very very anxious. Those are hormone deficiency symptoms and we’ll discuss that in the series to come around perimenopause and menopause but those are some of the key signs and symptoms that might have been some hormonal imbalance. Obviously there’s lots of some other things that come in to play and obviously there’s lots more to it than that and basically that’s just overview, if you want to find out more you can go to my questionnaire that’s on my website about hormone imbalance or you can ask question by clicking on the link below.

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