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Hi everyone welcome to The Ask Dr Cris Show.  Dana asked me recently what are some different snack alternatives? What can I eat when I’m hungry and I want to look for some healthier options? Nuts are a great solution, and always look for a bit of a protein with whatever you are having so that it fills you up and doesn’t allow the huge insulin spike.  So boiled egg, can of tuna, some nuts, some hummus dip with vegie sticks, some protein balls that you make. Do try and minimise the amount of sugar you are adding to those be choosing things like you can sweeten with stevia or xylitol, look for other alternatives as well. Protein shakes are an option, plain Greek yoghurt with a small amount of berries and maybe a sprinkling of nuts or seeds on the top. There are healthy snack alternatives; you don’t have to turn to the chips or the cheese, or the crackers, or the chocolate to get that energy boost. There re some natural alternatives. Do try and have a snack in between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner, and sometimes ever a supper one if dinner and bedtime are more than 5 hours apart. There are some alternatives, healthier alternatives but great question and thanks Dana and I hope that answers your question. If you have further questions and you would like to know some advice about different alternatives I would love to hear your questions below.

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