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Hi everyone Dr Cris here with The Ask Dr Cris Show. Today’s question is about how to have a healthy pregnancy. Very common question and given that I’m pregnant I feel qualified to answer.

Certainly something which is actually not that hard, it really is about basic principles of health altogether, so there are some specifics of pregnancy but there are some things that are common for all of us, so making sure that you’re eating a healthy diet, you’re not necessarily increasing your calories or eating for two until right at the very end, and that increasing calories or eating for two is only just slightly. So getting enough exercise, enough sleep, rest, no alcohol during pregnancy, minimal caffeine if any, and making sure that you’re consistent with eating regular healthy meals small portions will go a long way to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Do have your regular checks by your GP to make sure that things like vitamin deficiencies, iron deficiency, thyroid, hasn’t crept in there which can happen during pregnancy and you’re well on your way to having healthy pregnancy. Certainly taking multivitamins like a pregnancy multivitamin may be a benefit and it’s definitely recommend in the first three months of pregnancy. So really not hard, it’s not technical, baby would take what baby needs from you, so to have a healthy pregnancy maintain the principles of having a healthy lifestyle in general.

Thanks so much for the question, if you’ve got any other questions jump over to my website and I look forward to answering them on the The Ask Dr Cris Show.

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