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Hi everyone welcome to The Ask Dr Cris Show. This next question is about MANopause or Andropause. Yes men can go through some changes as life continues.

Certainly those changes can manifest into specific systems that men feel and present to the clinic with. Those symptoms you may recognise in yourself or your partner, and it may be worth sending them along or sending yourself along to a local doctor to have that checked. Those symptoms include things like you may start gaining weight, you may start feeling more fatigued, or more depressed, non-interested in things that use to give you pleasure whether it be sex or work or a hobby. You may just feel a little unmotivated, a little bit flat and that can be associated with a reduction in male hormones. In particular things like testosterone, and DHDA. It is worth having that checked by your local doctor if you are feeling a little bit flat as a lot of that can be corrected even with some lifestyle changes which can give that a boost, in particular weight training exercise has a great benefit for men to boost testosterone levels and often can reverse some of that ageing process for men. Men are typically built more for weight training and for lifting heavy things, if we want to talk in a cave man sort of way, so getting back into some weight training can often help men to regain some of that youthfulness that they may have lost. But if you feel you fit into the category of Manopause or Andropause category for later changes for men do go along and have that checked by your local doctor as it is easily checked by a blood test.

Thanks for that question and if you have got any more questions please feel free to ask them below and I look forward to answering them next time on The Ask Dr Cris Show.

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