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Episode 6: The Ask Dr Cris Show – How do I beat Travel Sickness?

By March 3, 2016March 16th, 2016The Ask Dr Cris Show


Hi everyone, it is Dr Cris here for The Ask Dr Cris Show. This week I have a question from Ralph and that relates to travel sickness. What are the best remedies both natural and medication wise?

Travel sickness is caused by disruption of the middle ear, some of us are more susceptible than others, some of the treatments that are effective that are available commercially are ginger products. So that is ginger tablets, they also come as a ginger lozenge that you can chew, some people grate ginger. I haven’t tried that one myself so I’m not sure if that’s very effective. Other people do use the bands, some people swear by them, they are acupressure point bands, other people say that they don’t work so I think its trial and error with the natural products related to travel sickness. The commercially available products are medications – they’re quite effective, there are minimal side effects with a lot of them, so they do work you just have to take them before you go on the flight, so there’s no point getting on the flight, or on the boat and taking them then so you do have to have them an hour beforehand.

So hopefully that helped with travel sickness remedies, and if you have got any questions please put them below and I look forward to answering them.


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