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Part 5: Women’s Health Series – Contraceptive Pill


Hi Ladies Dr. Cris here with the Women’s Health Series and today I thought I would look at the contraceptive pill. A lot of the times women say to me, should I just take the pill, should I just correct my hormone issues with the pill. The pill is an option or the oral contraceptive pill is an option obviously there are different pills out there. The most common is the combined oral contraceptive pill which contains both oestrogen and progestin which is artificial progesterone and you can get oestrogen at times, so that can override your cycle and override your hormones and take on an artificial role of hormone balance in your body.

For some women that particularly is the best option for them, they have a lot of hormone issues, they might have very heavy periods endometriosis. They might have issues with polycystic ovary syndrome really irregular cycles that are compromising their overall wellbeing or their own health and for those women potentially the pill is an option. I don’t think it’s evil, which some women feel that you know I never touch the pill I won’t go there. I think that it has its uses obviously for contraception it’s a great option. It’s just for some women it can cause issues and for some women they find it makes their hormone symptoms worse, they might become more moody, might gain more weight become a little bit more fluidy in terms of fluid retention and just don’t find that their periods return back to normal once they come of the pill for a very long time.

So I think that it is definitely an option, what age can you start the Pill? You can start the Pill according to pill experts, you can start the pill as soon as you get your period, I generally say wait till your periods regulated a little bit so wait a year after you get the period you have to start the pill at that time and wait for that cycle to regulate. Obviously pregnancy is a possibility and you think well I’d rather be on something than nothing then the pill is a great option for that.

There are other options out there other than the pill, obviously we’ve got progesterone only or progestin only options which is the marina which is inserted an IUD, there is in the arm, obviously of oral many pill. There are other options to just to combine the oral contraceptive pill which for some women can cause more hormone issues.

Do chat to your local health professional about different options out there for contraception’s and overriding your cycle if it’s just for hormone imbalance and there are other ways to balance your hormones and there are obviously lifestyle ways there are supplement ways and we can discuss that in the weeks to come. If you got any further questions about hormone health I’d love to answer them as part of this Women Health Series please click on the link below and leave your question there for me.


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