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By December 7, 2011The Blog

Welcome to the New Dr Cris website!

Over the coming weeks I hope to share with you some valuable tips about improving your health one simple step at a time. Too often we overcomplicate things in life. The same goes for our health.

I often hear patients express how confused they are with current health messages. Who wouldn’t be confused! With conflicting opinions surrounding just about every topic, it can be a minefield just to decipher the truth. Some examples of common questions I’m asked include:

  • Should I be eating carbs?
  • Should I detox?  What is a detox anyway?
  • What should I feed my kids?
  • Could I be allergic to something I’m eating?
  • Why am I so bloated?
  • Why am I so tired?
  • Why am I putting on weight? Why can’t I loose weight?
  • Why are my hormones all out of sync?
  • Why am I looking so old?
  • How do I put on muscle mass?

We are surrounded by so many resources and yet we are left with so many questions.

Although I certainly may not have the answers to all of life’s questions, one thing I know I have majored on in life and that is health. I’ve made it my specialty and my passion.

Furthering my medical training as a GP with the study of nutritional medicine, health coaching, and personal fitness training has landed me in good stead to be able to answer these health questions. Yet the approach I take is a simple yet profoundly enlightening one.

That’s the approach I wish to impart upon my patients – keep things simple and watch remarkably how your body and health return to the state it was meant to be in! That is, optimal health and at a healthy weight. Over the coming weeks I’ll share with you powerful truths that will transform your health and ultimately your life – one simple step at a time.