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Simple Habit to Better Health #11 – Be Healthy At Any Size

By September 30, 2013Good Health

You can be healthy at any size! Current research is suggesting that in order to be healthy you don’t have to be a certain size. In fact there are plenty of individuals who are above their most comfortable weight that are very healthy; just as there are individuals who are thin but very unhealthy. Of course genetics has a role to play in determining a person’s overall constitution but by and large by focussing on the following three tips you can ensure you remain healthy regardless of your body size.

Tip #1 – Focus on the end goal not the immediate sacrifice. We live in an instant gratification society where gaining in the short term trumps enduring the sacrifice for longer term gain. This sentiment also resonates when it comes to our health. But as we all can appreciate, life is likened to a marathon and not a sprint so anything worth achieving takes sacrifice and dedication. By keeping focussed on the end goal the daily sacrifices will seem worth it.

Tip #2 – Practice the ‘5 Rights’. Keeping a simple approach when it comes to healthy living involves doing the basics well. I call these basics the 5 Rights and include 1 – Get Enough Sleep; 2 – Drink Enough Water; 3 – Be Physically Active Daily; 4 – Eat The Right Fuel (namely unprocessed foods); and 5 – Keep Your Thoughts Positive. Although this might seem a bit simplistic, followed consistently these will ensure vitality, energy, and resounding good health.

Tip #3 – Keep the Right Attitude – By expanding on the above mentioned fifth ‘Right’, that is, keeping your thoughts positive, means to focus on staying optimistic. This involves recognising small achievements and praising yourself no matter how seemingly insignificant. It also means to extend to yourself compassion and grace. After all, we are human and will have setbacks. We can however remind ourselves that progress is made by simple steps in the right direction.

Hopefully by following these simple tips we can attain and maintain great health regardless of our body size.