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Simple Habit to Better Health #1

By July 22, 2013Good Health

Create Healthy Habits

The foundation for looking and feeling great as well as maintaining a healthy body weight is to create healthy habits. Creating habits in our lives are the basis of any long-term change and create the platform for positive reinforcement. What I mean by this is that the best way of ensuring you look and feel great for the long-term is to start by practicing a positive behaviour consistently. Before long this will become a habit, which takes around 21-30 days according to experts in behavioural psychology.

Once a habit is established, the behaviour becomes effortless to continue in your life. This is much like driving a car for the first time. Initially it requires a lot of conscious thought and effort but after awhile you no longer even have to think about how to drive; sometimes you don’t even know how you got from A to B! Driving now requires no conscious effort. The same is true of creating positive habits in our lives.

Creating positive habits also creates a sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement. That is, you then start looking for other ways to improve your lifestyle and create more positive habits. Others will marvel at how disciplined and inspirational you are and yet you think that what you’re doing is ‘normal’. This is because you have a new normal in terms of the way you live that is both positive and effortless.

We will look at some positive habits over the coming weeks that are proven ways to make you look and feel fantastic. Our job is then to learn to incorporate these into our lifestyles.

So to sum up, the best way to ensure we have better health for the long-term is to create healthy habits in our lives. This comes about by practicing a positive behaviour over and over again until it becomes effortless and part of our lifestyle. After all, practice makes perfect.