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Hi everyone welcome to The Ask Dr Cris Show. Tracey asked me why do I always need to choose things that are unsweetened. I often give advice about choosing plain Greek yoghurt instead of sweetened yoghurt, why do I need to do that so she was interested in knowing exactly what the theory behind that is. The reason why is that our taste buds get used to certain sweetness and they become dulled with that certain level of sweetness. So they become desensitised. So when we are always exposing our tastebuds to a level of saltiness or a level of sweetness our tastebuds get used to that and want more and more and more of that and that can create sugar addiction in particular.  So if we are choosing plain products often times when you find that you do have a piece of fruit or something that’s naturally sweet you’ll really experience the enjoyment of that and you’ll become satisfied with that rather than looking for an extra bitter sweet hit that will be the coke or will be the ice cream or whatever it might be. So looking for just your bland products often helps to retrain our tastebuds which takes about the 21 to 30 days so do choose plain, unsweetened products where ever possible. It helps to retrain those tastebuds. So thanks for that question, great question, and I hope it helps other people as well.  If you’ve got any other questions please ask them below.

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