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Hi everyone, welcome to The Ask Doctor Cris Show.  Tanya asked a question about energy levels and what might be, you know, sapping her energy levels.  For that I’ve got to ask, what are your energy levels doing throughout the day?  Are they dipping after meals?  If they are often it’s from too much carbohydrates or an insulin spike so look at including some protein in your meal.  Look at including, having a smaller meal particularly for lunch and it might just might avoid that 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock dip in your insulin levels.  Also have a look at the amount of sleep that you’re getting, the quality of your sleep, are you waking up consistently throughout the night?  Even if you’re in bed for nine hours it doesn’t mean that your quality of sleep is great.  So look at the quality of sleep, measure it in some way whether is be through an app or a Fitbit or a sleep study, but measure the quality of your sleep.  Look at the amount of stress in your life which often saps your energy levels and then look at other medical conditions that might go undiagnosed so thyroid conditions, hormone imbalances often a big one, some people it’s adrenal fatigue. So what is it that’s sapping your energy levels and then look at getting that investigated and looked into by someone who knows like a holistic doctor or another health practitioner that’s trained in looked at understanding energy and where it all comes from.  So often I’m also asked do supplements help and we’ll address that.  They can and that can be a separate discussion but thanks Tania so much for your question.  If you’ve got any further questions please ask them below.

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