Terms & Conditions for the 12 week Hormone and Weight Reset Program

  1. This program is designed for information purposes only. It is not an individualised program and as such is not designed to diagnose, treat, or manage your specific health condition or needs. The content contained within this program is generalised and may or may not be suitable for your particular situation or health needs. Do seek individual consultation by your local doctor or health professional regarding any health concerns.
  2. Guarantee of results by undertaking this program cannot be assured as individual results may vary. For the best results this program needs to be in conjunction with healthy eating and regular exercise.
  3. Be aware that although discussion of any questions or queries will occur in the setting of a private group it is not a confidential forum and as such it is at the individual participant’s discretion as to what information they do or do not share. It is expected as a courtesy to others’ privacy that personal information or that to which has been shared in the private group is not shared beyond this private setting to outside individuals. Dr Cris (and 12 week HWR support staff) will not be held responsible for any loss of privacy or confidentiality as part of information that is shared in the private group or to individuals outside this group by participants.
  4. Please also be aware that in the event of cancellation a refund (minus a processing fee or cancellation fee) will only be granted if cancelled before the program has started and only if in writing via email to [email protected]. Once the program has begun a refund will not be granted. The processing fee in the event of cancellation (greater than or equal to 24 hours before program start date) is 5% of the program fee unless the cancellation occurred less than 24 hours before the start of the program in which case the cancellation fee will be 50% of the program fee.
  5. In the event that you have paid for the program but are unable to undertake the program at the given time the program is scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances a transfer of program enrolment can be granted to another individual if in writing via email to [email protected] and if done greater than 24 hours before program start date. If less than 24 hours before the program start date no program transfer can be granted. You may in this case seek to refund the program (minus a 50% cancellation fee) or undertake the program in your own time once you are able (see point 6 below).
  6. Participants are granted access to the content within the program for a total six (6) months from the start date and as such can catch-up or review the material in their own time. Keep in mind that Dr Cris (and other support staff) will only be offering advice and support during the scheduled 12 weeks of the program and not after this time.
  7. Following or during the program you may be asked to share a testimonial or feedback regarding your experience of the program. Please be aware that this is not compulsory and you may choose not to do so.
  8. Any complaints or questions regarding the technical aspects of the program or structure of the program can be directed to [email protected]