Dr Cris Beer was interviewed on the Daily Edition and discusses the best liver detox tips and tricks, plus explains the real effect of alcohol and and how to avoid a hangover.  View the interview and head over to Dry July to show your support.

Show Notes

0:00   Welcome
0:38   What does the liver do?
1:40   How does alcohol affect our liver health?
2:33   Is a month of Dry July enough to stop or undo the damage that we may have already done to the liver?
3:24   What is a liver detox and do they work?
4:23   Is it possible to prevent a hangover?
5:25   Thank you and end


Dr Cris

Holistic Medical Doctor, Author ‘Healthy Habits, 52 Ways to Better Health‘ and Healthy Liver

Healthy Liver by Dr. Cris Beer